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Attitude Garage is dedicated to transforming your Home Garage, Commercial Space, Basement, Recreation Room, Workshop, Trailer Interiors, RV Garage, Backyard Shed, Aircraft Hanger … any place that you want an – Attitude Garage Makeover – from “No Place To Show Place” tm In Record Time!!

We sell and install a full line of Garage and Storage items to transform your space. Our Attitude Car Lifts are available in Single Post, One Post, Two Post, 4 Post and Specialty Lifts. We offer a wide variety of Attitude Storage Cabinets and our Attitude Slatwall System can be customized to fit your needs and offers plenty of accessories to organize your space. We offer a number of different Attitude Flooring Solutions including PVC Tile Flooring, Premium PVC Flooring as well as Attitude Spartacote – the highest performance Polyaspartic Coating available today.

To bring Attitude to your outdoor spaces, our product line now includes Attitude Outdoors, a full line of High Quality Outdoor Kitchen and Entertaining Solutions. Our Attitude Outdoor products include Stainless Steel Grills, Sinks, Refrigerators, Smokers, Wine Cabinets, Pizza Ovens and more. Our Professional Stone Masons are ready to build the Outdoor Entertaining Space of your dreams using our Attitude Outdoor Products along with Natural or Man-Made Stones, Brick, Granite Counters and more. If you can dream it, Attitude Garage can bring it to life.

At Attitude Garage we strive to meet and exceed all of our customers expectations. Many of our customers have been kind enough to express their gratitude for our work. We want to thank them for their kind words and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to browse through their comments on our Testimonials Page.

You spent a ton of money on your home, “The largest single investment of your lifetime”. Now let Attitude Garage transform the disorganized spaces in your house into a fun and exciting living spaces for your home.

Our design team will work with you to understand your current storage dilemmas and then devise and implement the perfect storage solutions for needs!

ATTITUDE GARAGE offers a full lineup of storage solutions to take make your space a showplace., including multiple sizes and styles of Storage Cabinets, Extensive Wall Storage options, Single, 2 Post, 4 Post and Speciality Car Lifts to give you more floor space, as well as a multitude of Flooring Options.

Contact our design team today to make your place a ShowPlace!

ATTITUDE GARAGE also offers a complete line of Attitude Outdoor Products to organize and bring Attitude to your Outdoor and Backyard Living spaces.

Let us create your perfect, outdoor entertaining space. With products that include Grills, Smokers, Refrigerators, Pizza Ovens, Heaters and much more, your backyard will become THE place that all your family, friends and neighbors will want to spend all their time in!

Transform the Space: Well, first you may have to find the floor; (has it been a while since you last saw it?) Then our economical garage floor systems will give your garage what every other room in your home already has: a real floor!

Put Stuff Away: Success Story: “Clever cabinetry caused client, Claude Cooper’s crummy clutter to cloister covertly”. Okay, we’re not such great poets. But we are the best at finding the perfect way to store your stuff: perimeter bins, shelving units, and even overhead racks.

Keep Stuff Handy: Don’t buy flimsy slatwall and hangers at the home store; you have enough junk already. Our slatwall solutions are the real thing—built to last.


It’s time to contact the Attitude Garage professionals

A funny thing happens when you organize. You get ideas. No need to spend money on decorator ideas for a garage. Your interesting stuff will even begin to look interesting when it is organized and stored properly.

We provide and install home garage makeover solutions in Connecticut, Southeast New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We ship direct anywhere in the United States and provide installations through our network of authorized dealers.

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