Attitude Car Lifts

Attitude Garage offers a full line of Car Lifts, Truck Lifts, Motorcycle and Speciality Lifts for your Home Garage, Workshop, Commercial or Industrial Space. Our Car Lift options include One Post Car Lifts, Two Post Car Lifts and Four Post car lifts, heavy duty lifts, motorcycle lifts, storage lifts, lawn tractor lifts and much more for your home garage, workshop, commercial space, backyard shed and more.

Check out our ATTITUDE CAR LIFTS selection to find out which Attitude Garage Car Lift is right for you. We offer Single Post Lifts (sometimes called 1 Post Lifts) for garages where space is at a premium, 2 Post Lifts offering both drive on lifts and lifts with adjustable arms, 4 post lifts – including our 2 car buddy lift that is a 4 post lift that supports 2 cars, and specialty lifts for motorcycles, lawn tractors, power boats and more. When you’ve decided to get a lift for your space, see what the next steps to having your Car Lift installed are and find out what it takes to add an Attitude Lift in your space (download PDF Version). Then Contact Us, or give us a call to schedule a visit, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of having your own ATTITUDE GARAGE CAR LIFTS. Our Professional Attitude Car Lift team sells, installs and services in CT, NY, NJ, RI and MA.

Four Post Car Lifts

FOUR POST ATTITUDE CAR LIFTS This is a car enthusiast’s dream comes true. Stores one car over the other. Great for service too. Our Attitude Four Post Car Lifts are our most flexible lifts, offering many accessories to choose from including optional casters, which let you move the lift around, making it portable right within your own space.

Our Attitude Four Post Lifts come in single car, and buddy car styles. The Attitude Buddy Car Lift (see one installed here) is a great way to store 4 cars in the space of two using a single four post lift. The Buddy Car Lift allows you access to the undersides of the cars above. The perfect solution to store your daily drivers and your weekend sports cars in a single 2 car garage.

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Single and Two Post Car Lifts

SINGLE AND TWO POST ATTITUDE CAR LIFTS Our Single Post and Two Post Car Lifts are popular for many reasons. For areas where space is at a Premium, our Attitude Single Post Car Lifts are the perfect solution – allowing you to store 2 cars in the space of one, and still have underside access to the upper car.

For our customers that want more access to the underside of their vehicles, our Attitude Two Post Car Lifts are the right solution. Our Two Post Car Lifts offer nearly unencumbered access to the entire underside of the vehicle that is in the air, while still allowing you to park a second car underneath.

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Specialty Attitude

SPECIALTY ATTITUDE LIFTS is our line of customized specialty lifts of all types. Our specialty lifts include Motorcycle Lifts, Lawn Tractor Lifts, ATV Lifts, alignments lifts, scissors lifts, low rise and mid rise lifts, as well as a movable service /storage and parking lift … and more.

If you need to lift up anything with a motor, give us a call. We are your Specialty Lift experts!


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