Attitude Car Lifts

Once you’ve decided to get a car lift for your Garage, Workshop .. or really where ever you want it, you may be wondering “What Now?”, “What are the next steps to ensure a proper car lift installation in my space?”

Attitude Garage Single Post Car Lift Installed

His and Hers BMW Mini Coopers stored in a single car garage with an Attitude Garage Single Post Car Lift. Contact Us today for a no-obligation recommendation on a Car Lift for your space.

The first step in proposing a car lift is for us to establish an appointment at your home, or place of business.

During this brief meeting we will measure the height of the cars being stored, under and above the ramps. Additional information gained will be the weight of the vehicles, length of the vehicles and your height.

Yes, your height…. we don’t want you bumping your head.

Lifts are available in several configurations, ie; Single Post Car Lifts (sometimes called 1 Post Car Lifts), 2 Post Car Lifts, 4 Post Car Lifts, Double Wide Car Lifts, Extra High Car Lifts, Extra Strong Car Lifts, Extra Long Car Lifts, Motorcycle Lifts, Powerboat and Fishing Boat Lifts, Lawn Tractor Lifts, RV Lifts and many more options. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and gain your opinion. We locate the exact point where the lifts columns will be bolted to the slab and whether the entry ramps will fit into your garage, while being attached to the ramps.

Compiling all of this information will allow us to recommend the correct lift for your needs.

In a typical installation other concerns exist. Normally the garage door tracks need to be raised to within 3-4 inches of the ceiling and a wall mounted motor must be installed replacing the current motor hanging from the ceiling. An electrician must be hired to install a 220 volt dedicated circuit for the lift and a 110 volt outlet for the new garage door motor (a lift will NOT operate properly with 110 volt power) . Some installations will require us to raise the height of the ceiling in your garage or workshop, but don’t worry a bit. Our Professional Car Lift Installation Team are state licensed contractors and when we’re finished, you’ll never even know that your ceiling was raised. Your garage will have Attitude that looks like it was there from the day it was built!

Should you decide to order a car lift from “Attitude Garage” your work is done, and our work has just begun.

Our complete package includes the following:

    1. Place an order with the appropriate manufacturer
    2. Schedule our garage door contractor & electrician to make the appropriate changes
    3. Establish a “installation date”
    4. Accept delivery at our warehouse (fork lift & loading dock required)
    5. Load lift onto an open 24’ trailer (fork lift, trailer & pickup required)
    6. Transport lift to job site
    7. Unload lift, one piece at a time (strong back required)
    8. Assemble lift utilizing an experienced Attitude Garage Professional Car Lift Installation Professional
    9. Adjust cables, fittings, levers, ladders, ramps, etc.
    10. Bolt each column to slab using (16) 4”X3/4” stainless steel bolts
    11. Fill hydraulic fluid system with several gallons of oil
    12. Test lift for proper operation
    13. Instruct owner in the safe and proper operation of the lift
    14. Revisit job site in 6 weeks to make several adjustments
    15. Offer annual contract to service the lift

MOST IMPORTANTLY, pay attention when operating your new lift, these are not toys!

As you can see, our Professional Team of Attitude Sales Associates, Designers and Car Lift Installers are there to help you along every step of the way, to make sure that you get the best, and CORRECT Car Lift for your space.

Are you ready to put some Attitude in your Garage? Contact us today to schedule an on-site appointment and in no time you can have the Car Lift of your dreams!

Download  a PDF version of the Car Lift Inquiry Letter

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