Attitude Garage Two Post Car Lifts

Attitude Single Post Car Lifts are a car enthusiast’s dream comes true. Designed for garages where space is at a premium, our Single Post Car Lifts save precious space while still providing Extreme Car Storage options.

We have many accessories to choose from. Whether you just need more space to park your special vehicle or you want to work on your project we have the lift for you. Are you ready to have your own Attitude Car Lift installed in your garage or workshop? Click here to download our Car Lift Inquiry Letter to find out what Attitude Lift is the perfect one for you.


Attitude Single Post Car Lifts.

With an Attitude Single Post Car list, you can store two vehicles in the floor space of a single car – plus you get the added benefit of being able to access the underside of the upper car to perform updates and maintenance.

Attitude Single Post Car Lifts.

The Attitude SP6000 is the perfect Single Post Full Rise Lift for those customers (with minimum floor space) who want to store two vehicles in the same floor space as one vehicle would occupy. The Attitude SP6000 single post car lift can be used to raise and store your car or light truck to over 6 feet in the air, freeing up extra garage space on the floor.

The 110 1/4″ column fits easily under a 10 foot ceiling, and the open center between the runways allows the operator to have access to many parts of the vehicle that are not accessible with a mid-rise lift. The fixed runways are much easier to drive on, and you do not need to move arms to the correct position under the vehicle. The runways are wide enough to accommodate most cars, light trucks and small SUV’s.

In addition to it’s space saving characteristics, the Attitude SP6000 operates on 110 Volt Electricity.

Click Here to download our Car Lift Inquiry Letter to discover which Attitude Lift is right for you. For more information on an Attitude Car Lift Contact Us and we’ll get right back to you.

Bend Single post

Attitude Single Post Car Lifts.

The Attitude SP6000 has a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds, giving it enough strength to handle most every car, light truck and SUV on the road today. The ramps fully support the wheels of the vehicle so that the vehicle’s suspension is always in a “resting” position at any height. When an Attitude Two or Four Post Lift is just too big for your garage, then consider the Attitude SP6000 Single Post Lift to solve your storage problems.


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