The Ginormous Tandem Dolly - Available from Attitude Garage

The Ginormous Tandem Dolly, available from Attitude Garage, is designed to move high capacity tandem vehicles and trailers in ways you never thought possible. Originally designed for the US Military, the Ginormous Tandem Dolly is now available for the consumer market. With The Ginormous Tandem Dolly you can make your vehicles and trailers just as mobile in any direction as any other vehicle on our other Auto Dolly products. The Ginormous Tandem Dolly makes it easy to move connected loads around your garage, shop, showroom, aircraft hanger, storage yard – anywhere you need to move a heavy, over-sized load.

When you’re ready to add a set, or more, of Ginormous Tandem Dollies to your garage, shop or showroom, contact the Professionals at Attitude Garage.

The Ginormous Tandem Dolly


The Ginormous Tandem Dolly is perfect for a shop that has vehicles with dual rear tires. Each individual dolly has a weight rating capacity of 8,000 pounds, includes mar-resistant polyolefin casters, and is made of suport strong 1/4″ steel, not flimsy stamped steel.

The Ginormous Tandem Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease. The large roller bearing casters make it simple for anyone to move the vehicle in any direction.

Features and Benefits include:

– Manufactured from 1/4″ Solid Steel
– Designed for axles with dual rear wheels
– Allows movement of heavy loads in any direction
– Mar-resitant polyolefin wheels to protect floor finishes
– Facilitates shop order and easier cleaning
– Powder coated finish
– 8,000 lb capacity per dolly
– Twelve Heavy duty casters
– Custom Sizes available

The Ginormous Tandem Dolly is sold in singles, and like all Auto Dollies, uses a mar-resistant polyolefin wheel that also features a crown profile. The crown profile wheel means less rolling resistance in contact with the ground. The wheel profile also helps to pinch small debris out of the path, rather than coming to a screeching halt.

The Ribless Dually Dolly


The Ginormous Tandem Dolly has a massive 8,000 pound capacity and underneath you’ll find TWELVE Super Duty casters to carry the load.

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