The Wheel Hanger - Available from Attitude Garage

The Wheel Hanger is a simple yet effective way to increase the amount of floor space in your shop or garage! Hang those wheels or tires (or other “hangables”) up and out of your way. Simply mount the wheelhanger on a stud and you’re ready to go. Or mount more than one in line with each other and create an effective rack for lumber or other items. The angle of the wheel hanger keeps items against that wall by putting gravity to work in your favor.

When you’re ready to add a The Wheel Hanger to your garage or shop, contact the Professionals at Attitude Garage.

The Wheel Hanger


The Wheel Hanger makes it easy to store your wheels and tires out of the way, and has an angled decline to automatically rest wheels and tires against the wall

The The Wheel Hanger is a great tool for every garage, auto shop or body shop.

The Wheel Hanger Features include:

– Manufactured from Solid Steel
– Powder coated finish
– Facilitates shop order and easier cleaning
– Reclaims wasted floor space
– Fits any wheel with a 1 1/2″ opening
– Supports up to 220 pounds


The Wheel Hanger


The Wheel Hanger securly mounts to any wall stud with 2 lag bolts.


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