Attitude Garage Polyaspartic Flooring

High-performance floor coatings have evolved over the past few years and Attitude Garage is pleased to now offer Polyaspartic Flooring options. Polyaspartic Flooring is a great solution for your Commercial, Warehouse and Retail spaces. In addition to being a great floor to look at with its high-gloss coating, Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring can also be enhanced with traction additives for extra safety. Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring are highly durable and completely impermeable to liquids, oil and dirt making them very easy to maintain. The floor will not require waxing and can be cleaned with environmentally friendly PH Neutral Cleaners and Water.

Attitude Poylaspartic Flooring can be installed in as little as one day, and the thin-mil characteristics make it perfect for areas of your floor that may reside at different heights. Our Polyaspartic Flooring will provide you with years of great looking, low maintenance usage.

Contact the Professionals at Attitude Garage to find out how quickly and effortlessly we can install Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring in your Commercial or Warehouse space. You can view some view some installation photos below and in our Media Gallery.



This installation of Polyaspartic Flooring is in the restaurant area of a Professional Sports Stadium. With a requirement of high durability, low maintenance, style and a non-slip surface that can hold up to the elements, Polyaspartic Flooring was the perfect choice for this high traffic area.

After preparing the existing concrete floor, the installers installed a sand-beige prime coat. A second coat of Flex Clear was added next. Two different colors of dye were then sprayed into the wet coatings to give the expansive floor some style. The final high-gloss top coat was put on with a traction adhesive added – giving the floor a great looking durable finish. After nearly a year and millions of fans walking on it, the floor still looks as great as the day it was installed.

To get your no-obligation quote on Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring, contact the Attitude Garage Professionals.


Warehouse and Storage Spaces are great locations to install an Attitude Ployaspartic Flooring in. With quick turnaround times, a variety of colors and textures, and a long-lasting durable finish, a Ployaspartic Floor is the perfect choice for property owners and managers.

The installation of a Polyaspartic Floor in this warehouse space was completed in only a few days and enabled the property owner to provide their new tenant with a clean, durable, great looking floor. After removing the previous coating systems from the floor, the installers applied a base coat, second coat and then top coat on the floors, partially up the walls and also on the stairs. The final top coat also included a shark grip additive to provide a safe, non-slip surface.

To inquire about getting an Attitude Polyaspartic Floor for your warehouse, storage or retail space, Contact the Professional at Attitude Garage for your no-obligation quote.

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