Attitude Garage Polyaspartic Flooring

High-performance floor coatings have evolved over the past few years and Attitude Garage is pleased to now offer Polyaspartic Flooring options. Polyaspartic Flooring is a great solution for your Home Garage, Workshop, RV Garage, Aircraft Hanger … anywhere you want a high-performance, low maintenance, long-lasting flooring solution. In addition to being a great floor to look at with its high-gloss coating, Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring can also be enhanced with traction additives for extra safety. Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring are highly durable and completely impermeable to liquids, oil and dirt making them very easy to maintain. The floor will not require waxing and can be cleaned with environmentally friendly PH Neutral Cleaners and Water.

Attitude Poylaspartic Flooring can be installed in as little as one day, and the thin-mil characteristics make it perfect for areas of your floor that may reside at different heights. Our Polyaspartic Flooring will provide you with years of great looking, low maintenance usage.

Contact the Professionals at Attitude Garage to find out how quickly and effortlessly we can install Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring in your Home Garage, Workshop, Basement, Backyard Shed, RV Garage, Aircraft Hanger … anywhere. You can view some view some installation photos below and in our Media Gallery.



Strong resistance to corrosive chemicals such as hydraulic fluids, oil and high octane fuel are necessary when looking for the right flooring solution for an Aircraft Hanger. Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring is the perfect solution for locations like this. This Polyaspartic installation was performed over a “like-new” concrete floor and includes multiple layers and colors of 3-mil Polyaspartic Floor Coatings.

To achieve the floor pattern, a white base coat was put down first. After allowing time to dry, the installers began taping the design to the floor. After applying the second color, the floor was again given time to dry, retaped and then the border color was applied. Finally a high gloss top coat was applied to seal the floor and give it a great, glossy appearance.

If you’re ready to have Attitude Polyaspartic Flooring installed in your Aircraft Hanger, RV Storage Garage, or anywhere else – contact the Attitude Garage Professionals for your no-obligation quote.


When this Indy Car Race Team was looking for a highly durable floor for their newly acquired race shop, they chose a Polyaspartic Flooring Solution. With UV Stability along with increased abrasion and chemical resistance, this was the perfect floor to put up with the demands of a busy race shop. This race shop, in its prior life, was a heavy-duty machine shop and was cleaned and treated to remove any latent materials, oils or chemicals – prior to the installation of the Polyaspartic Flooring.

Completed in less than 24 hours, a team of certified installers applied a pigmented prime coat at a 3-mil thickness, followed by another 3-mil thickness second coating. Following the application of the two undercoats, a final clear topcoat was applied that not only gives the floor an attractive appearance, but also gives the floor its secure, long lasting durability.

To find out about giving your home garage, workshop, basement, industrial, or any space, a great Attitude Polyaspartic Finish, Contact the Professional Team at Attitude Garage.

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