Attitude Garage provides and installs many types of flooring solutions designed specifically for your home garage.

Your soon-to-be-beautiful garage space deserves something better than that stained bare-concrete slab. Our line of PVC flooring is designed to hold up to chemicals normally found in the garage environment, such as salt, oil, dirt, and grease. Should a tile become damaged replacement is incredibly simple and takes very little time or effort, unlike a polypropylene (plastic) tile system.

Our flooring systems are more comfortable and forgiving for you and your children.
Yet they stand up to vehicular traffic better than other poured or plastic materials. You will be glad you chose a system that is comfortable to walk on yet tough enough to drive on.

Designed for ease of installation with ‘mushroom connector’ edges, our flooring systems can be configured to fit any space. Flooring can be installed over cracked, uneven, stained, or flawed surfaces. No glue, epoxy, or adhesives required.

Engineered with patent-pending Air-Dry technology, your flooring will be able to breathe, allowing moisture to weep away and for air to flow underneath tiles and border trim. Musty smells can’t accumulate and breed bacteria and mold.


Some flooring material looks and sounds like plastic. Not our floor systems. Your garage will be quieter and more comfortable underfoot.

Tiles are made from recycled materials. Join the ‘Green Revolution’ and look great at the same time. 

  • Raised Coin
  • Raised Diamond
  • Sport Mat
  • Ventilated Drainage Design


PVC material is easy to clean using ordinary cleaning solutions. No special treatment required.

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